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Tips for Travelling with Seniors

 A look at travelling with and for the elderly


A family trip is one of the greatest gifts that you can give to your ageing parents or any other elderly person in your family. Such trips are a great way for them to socialise and mingle with the younger generations. While you are travelling with the elderly, all you need is a few extra precautionary measures, especially if they have any specific health condition. So, before any vacation, keep their requirements in mind and plan ahead. If you have never travelled with seniors before, these tips might help you.


Consult the doctor

If the elderly person suffers from any specific health condition then that calls for extra attention. Consult the doctor or family physician before making any plans. Only the doctor can guide you about the medication and help you take care of the senior person while travelling.


Keep essentials within reach

Always make sure that you have the essentials close at hand. These may include items like their medicines, adult diapers, an extra pair of spectacles, tissues, water or anything else that the elderly might need to make themselves comfortable. When travelling, always keep the medical documents or prescriptions close.


Pre-arrange for services

If the elderly person suffers from any kind of disability, make prior arrangements. Request wheelchair services and other assistance at airport or railway stations. Request for special seating arrangements if required. If they have any dietary restrictions, make sure you keep those requirements in mind while choosing a destination and hotel.  

With advanced planning, you can always make your trips with the seniors enjoyable and hassle free. Hope these tips help you understand the precautionary measures you need to take. Further, if you need assistance in taking care of the elders, you can always consult us. We give overall elder or senior care services in Kolkata and ensure their emotional and physical wellbeing.