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Companionship Offerings

The Silver Circle - U3A Eastern Zone (TSC)


The Silver Circle is a joint initiative of Support Elders and Calcutta Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology (CMIG) to build a platform to help improve the quality of life of elders through positive engagement and self-actualisation. The platform is backed by the concept of U3A (University of the Third Age)


Our structured approach ensures that the journey of the member through The Silver Circle is a fruitful one. The different stages include Life Interface Management, Nurturing of Special Interests and Hobbies and Transforming a Passion to a Purpose. The monthly interactions will be moderated by Geriatric Counsellors and Subject Matter Experts. 


Counselling Services (CS)


This service is offered through carefully selected, professional and qualified caregivers. The caregivers are in regular touch with each customer and have customised sessions with them. There will be 1 session of 1-2 hours per week and will assist the members to:

  • Stay active and occupied - writing, reading, blogging, developing and maintaining hobbies like gardening, pets, cooking
  • Stay socially active and connected
  • Go for outings - shopping, movies, dining, etc.
  • Have intellectual discussions
  • Have spiritual and religious pursuits
  • Have cognitive stimulations for dementia patients - card game variations, word games, sorting activities, recognising a fragrance, computer games
  • Create a dementia-friendly environment: removing clutter, using visual aids, creating a structured schedule.


Travel & Lifestyle


This service is to allow the elderly to live life to the fullest. This is the time for the elderly to explore various interests and places, given that most people spend the early part of their lives earning and saving. We highlight options and interests which they can check out, complete with a DIY and feasibility study.


We also provide customised travel packages, which include more than mere tips and advisories. We help with actual trip planning and execution through our website as well as face-to-face or telephonic interaction with our travel planners.


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