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Memories of the Warm & Friendly Germans



Our member, Mr Sushil Ghosh, shares his memories of Aiken, Germany, where he went for his higher studies in structural engineering, with Mousumi Gupta.  

How the Katju name gave Jadavpur locality an identity



Our member, Mr Brajadish Das, shares the story behind his family’s flight from Bangladesh and settling in south Kolkata’s Katjunagar, with Mousumi Gupta. 


Love for the Magical Blend



Mr Manas Banerjee, the husband of our member, Ms Bharati Banerjee, shares his love for the tea leaf and his experience of working in tea gardens, with Mousumi Gupta<...

Memories of Living in Taipei



Our member, Ms Pushpa Chatterjee, shares fond memories of her stay in Taipei's Shilin district, with Mousumi Gupta.


Ms Pushpa Chatterjee’...

The Net Melee



Eminent director and our member, Mr Shyamal Sengupta, narrates an amusing episode during his stint as an interior decorator, to Mousumi Gupta.